Liked on YouTube: How To Square The Clubface At Impact EVERYTIME!

How To Square The Clubface At Impact EVERYTIME!
How To Square The Clubface At Impact. Learn how to square the clubface consistently. This video will show you a few drills that will help you square to face of the club better at address.

Take some little 3/4 shots. Make some strikes till you’re hitting the ball solidly, and then over do that a little bit, and then don’t so it so much and start see how the ball moves.

Basically hit the ball with your club face closed and then do another shot. But this time keep the club face open. Then try to find a happy medium.

Doing this allows you to feel the club and you’ll be able to start shaping your golf shots and also hitting the ball with a more square club face.

I hope this lesson helps you square the clubface of your golf club at address better.




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Liked on YouTube: How To Start Your Golf Downswing PERFECTLY!

How To Start Your Golf Downswing PERFECTLY!
How To Start Your Golf Downswing. Learn correctly how to start your downswing in golf at This video will show you how to move your weight and how to start your golf downswing with the lower body. You want the lower body to work independently from the rest of the body. Key is to move towards the target with your lower body and put pressure into the ground.

I hope this video helps you learn how to start your golf downswing. Check out the links below for more lessons:




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Oppenheim, 35, finally makes Tour dream a reality

PONTE VEDRA BEACH, Fla. – As Rob Oppenheim stood behind the scoring area at TPC Sawgrass, he looked up wistfully at the pine trees towering above his head.

His work was done. An entire week – heck, an entire Tour season spent on the bubble had come to a close, and his fate was now in the hands of others.

“The golfing gods,” he said with a shake of his head. “They owe me.”

Two hours later, by the thinnest of margins, they paid him back and made Oppenheim the key figure in the season’s final event.

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The Tour Championship is rarely about who wins or who loses the tournament; it’s about who survives the four-week finals gauntlet and advances to the PGA Tour. Twenty-five cards have been up for grabs over the last month, and Oppenheim claimed the final golden ticket thanks to an unexpected source – Lucas Glover.

Oppenheim and Glover are both 35, having been born only two months apart. But that’s where the comparisons stop. Glover is an accomplished PGA Tour winner, the lone major champion in this week’s field and a player who had already clinched his return to the big leagues.

Oppenheim, meanwhile, has never held a PGA Tour card. He needed a late hole-in-one at Tour Q-School last year to simply earn a full card, and he was a hard-luck loser when the regular season came to a close.

Buoyed by his win at the Air Capital Classic in June, Oppenheim entered the final regular-season event on the cusp of earning his card. But he missed the cut in Portland by a shot and finished 26th on the money list when the top 25 players earned a promotion.

His $160,159 in earnings left him $943 short of his goal.

Oppenheim took the close call in stride, but after his round Sunday at TPC Sawgrass it appeared he had again come up agonizingly short. He closed 67-67 over the weekend, but was dealt a cruel blow when his 9-iron approach on No. 15 hit the hole on the fly.

Instead of settling at the bottom of the cup, it caromed off the flagstick and rolled 20 feet away. A potential eagle – or at least an easy birdie – turned into a disappointing par.

“It’s a tough two shots,” he said. “I’m not sure it’s as close as anyone has come, I’m sure everyone’s got their stories. But it’s close.”

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