Liked on YouTube: How To Square The Clubface At Impact EVERYTIME!

How To Square The Clubface At Impact EVERYTIME!
How To Square The Clubface At Impact. Learn how to square the clubface consistently. This video will show you a few drills that will help you square to face of the club better at address.

Take some little 3/4 shots. Make some strikes till you’re hitting the ball solidly, and then over do that a little bit, and then don’t so it so much and start see how the ball moves.

Basically hit the ball with your club face closed and then do another shot. But this time keep the club face open. Then try to find a happy medium.

Doing this allows you to feel the club and you’ll be able to start shaping your golf shots and also hitting the ball with a more square club face.

I hope this lesson helps you square the clubface of your golf club at address better.




via YouTube

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Guy Nava Golf

I am a Clinical Social Worker. I love to talk to people and analyze their behavioral pattern. I love my family. I love playing golf to clear my mind. Golf helps me relax and refresh my mind.

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